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Writer's Block: Significant Change
well sometimes you have to change to make things work
cuss the saying i'm not going to change for anyone is bs
cuss you have to sometime in your life if you love them.
but ya kind of and i really wish i hadn't :/

Writer's Block: Apology Not Accepted
oh yes i dont take apology that good and its hard for me
to aplolgys to someone and getting it truned down hurts to me

Writer's Block: Places to Lay Your Head
I have lived in lots to many to list but my fav one
was my hunted house :)

Writer's Block: When I Grow Up
hmmm i cant really think of something right now but
i know theirs one haha :)

Writer's Block: My Biggest Environmental Concern
global warming.recycling,no plastic,ect...

Writer's Block: Life Changes
lot that i'm really not sure anyone wants to know about...

Writer's Block: Gamer's Choice
Crash Bandicoot all the way :p

Writer's Block: Get Real
I would want to be on bad girls haha
and you dont win in it

Writer's Block: Heavenly Bodies
If i discovered a new planet i would name it
Mia's world haha idk i would have to think about it a lil lol.

Writer's Block: Seven Days
Most anticipate Saturday :)
and least would have to be Sunday :(